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Enterprise purpose
Our goal -- excellent, our belief -- leading the era
Our pursuit -- world without end, our duty -- social services
The spirit of enterprise seek truth from facts and trustworthy heavy letter pioneering and enterprising dedication innovation
Management concept, cooperate with absolute sincerity, full participation, from top to bottom with, self fulfillment
Business philosophy to be market-oriented, quality assurance, benefit as the center
People-oriented, talent give full scope to the talents, learn from each other, humanity
View of science and technology to technology as the core, brand as the carrier, take the road of science and technology enterprise
Market outlook of honest and trustworthy, quality first, win-win cooperation, to seize the initiative

Seek truth from facts and trustworthy Shigenobu
Seek truth from facts: to rigorous scientific attitude and method, to discover, to solve the problem.
Trustworthiness: heavy letter word is, in deed, heavy credit, defends the credit.

To open up the courage to forge ahead
The courage to open up, forge ahead: is the positive enterprising, never satisfied, the pursuit of excellence, and constantly go beyond the self, to develop beyond the conventional development, dare to explore new areas, dare to creativity and innovation.

Dedication innovation
Dedication: have deep feelings to the enterprise. A strong sense of professionalism and sense of responsibility.
Continuous innovation: does not rest on its laurels, always beyond their own thinking, proactive, energetic.